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uMaStandi is a property financing company, providing commercial mortgage finance, training, mentorship and guidance to property entrepreneurs in townships.

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Townships in South Africa recognize the value that commercial property entrepreneurs can bring to the community. By investing in affordable accommodation, townships create a thriving local economy that benefits everyone. uMaStandi plays a critical role in communities by providing mortgage loans to property entrepreneurs in townships. The uMaStandi offering assists property entrepreneurs with a full loan package which covers the purchase price, the construction costs, legal fees and other costs at up to 80% of the total project cost. This means the property entrepreneur is expected to contribute a minimum of 20% of their own funds (equity) to reach financial closure for the development.

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uMaStandi assists individuals who seek to run a profitable, sustainable and legal township based residential rental business. Many landlords need a way to unlock dead equity in their property. With uMaStandi, property owners with title deeds or entrepreneurs who seek to purchase to develop units for rental purposes can apply for finance.

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Township Property Development Finance in South Africa