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Affordable rental housing in Orlando East

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Global impact investment has surged over the past five years, and emerging markets….

Some people seem to be destined to find solutions to common problems…

Südafrika, Gauteng, Soweto, Straßenleben, Orlando Cooling Towers

“So much more can be done in supporting the growth of township economies…

Do you have questions about how uMaStandi supports property entrepreneurs in townships to develop safe…

Even as South Africans dare to start returning to “life as we knew it” under Level 1 lockdown…

It’s an ideal time for property investors to consider giving attention to investing in townships…


Impact-driven property finance company TUHF21 has announced the finalisation of uMaStandi Fund, its first funding vehicle aimed at financing rental properties in townships. uMaStandi has attracted R125m from new sources in its first year of operations. The facility will be used to continue backing property developers providing affordable rental accommodation….

At the end of the day, what set uMaStandi apart is our ability to see what others don’t.

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Keep up with uMaStandi news and read our latest articles. 

Apartment building 743 on HM, named after its street address – 743 Herby Mdingi Street…


The property market in South Africa took an enormous knock when President Ramaphosa implemented a hard lockdown…

Khosi Makolota worked as a travel agent, but her dream was to devel­op two stands in Soweto…

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