Commercial Loans

TUHF specialises in financing property development projects in South Africa’s inner cities. We provide access to funding for the purchase, and subsequent conversion or refurbishment of buildings in the inner cities – as well as in-city areas that are near major city centres – in urban decline. Our property development finance options are designed to create access to opportunities for property entrepreneurs with a passion and aptitude for managing affordable rental housing projects, but who may not be able to enter the market through traditional financial vehicles.

By providing finance for commercial property development, we enable people from all walks of life to create and grow property portfolios that deliver affordable residential units where they are most needed. We also provide support, guidance and risk management for new entrepreneurs, supporting them as their businesses mature.

So ,what do you need before you approach TUHF?

Let\’s walk the journey with you

Why Invest with TUHF?

  • We offer 15 year commercial loans, unlike banks who offer 20 years
  • Hold on to the dream, let us fund it – and then you can live it!
  • We are a character-lending institution, your character is part of that transaction
  • Before You Apply We need your skin in the game – remember- we take the risk where others don’t.
    Find out the minimum equity required through the equity calculator (the calculator must be a minimum of 20%)What is Equity?

    The process

    Find a commercial building

    Find a commercial building in our areas of finance. If your area does not fall within this list, contact a regional administrator in your province.

    Conduct market research

    Do your due diligence by conducting market research in the area. What are the price of rentals? What amenities are close by?

    Contact your regional office

    Contact regional office and submit a feasibility form before you sign the OTP. If feasibility form is approved, move to application phase, where you will submit your application form with all your documentation that you can find here (pre-approval process). If the OTP has already been submitted please click here.

    Credit approval

    Your application will undergo a thorough credit approval phase. Please be patient and remember to submit all FICA.

    Welcome to TUHF!

    Once approved, registration will begin. The marketing team will contact you to invite you to the office to meet the TUHF Team and arrange for a sign to be installed at your building. Welcome to TUHF!