What We Do

We provide commercial mortgage finance, training, mentorship and guidance to property entrepreneurs in SOUTH AFRICAN townships

If you answered Yes to any of these questions then uMaStandi can help you.
uMaStandi assists individuals who are passionate about running a profitable, sustainable and legal township based residential rental business. Many resident landlords need a way to unlock dead equity in their property. With uMaStandi, property owners or entrepreneurs who hold title deeds can apply for finance to develop units for rental purposes.

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Can uMaStandi provide funding for the acquisition of property (land/building) from the Sellers/ or their Agents, for the purpose of development into rental units?

Yes, uMaStandi provides financing to property investors who want to buy and/or develop quality affordable rental units.

Does uMaStandi appoint the professional team and building contractors on behalf of the clients?

No,  the professional team and the building contractors are appointed by the contractor.

What is the total loan period of uMaStandi loan? Can this be settled sooner than the contractual period?

180 months (15 years), uMaStandi seeks property investors who want to invest for  the long term and grow their property portfolio with uMaStandi for the 15 years.

Does uMaStandi assist in purchasing a property through Auction? If so, what are the necessary steps to be taken before approaching uMaStandi? And is it possible to secure the loan before the auction?

Yes, Ideally the client should have the numbers before the auction. But uMaStandi can assist the client by running a feasibility to determine the maximum purchase price we would be able to finance.

Yes, uMaStandi can assist and guide you in the best ways to move the property into the desired SPV.

Can uMaStandi provide joint funding with other financial institutions/funders for new loans or where there is already an existing mortgage bond?

uMaStandi operates as senior debt. Should the property already be bonded, uMaStandi can assist you with settling the existing bond and taking over as senior debt.

Will uMaStandi allow for resale of the property should I wish to exit the portfolio at a later stage before complete repayment of the loan? If so, what are the conditions?

Early settlement will give rise to early settlement penalties.


The Intuthuko Equity Fund (IEF) is a development finance company that provides equity financing to support entrepreneurs who wish to enter the residential rental property market but face funding constraints. Intuthuko provides these emerging entrepreneurs (who must also qualify for either a TUHF or uMaStandi senior mortgage loan), with equity in the form of a subordinate concessionary loan.
IEF centres on attracting people with experience and knowledge of property management and providing them with the means to purchase different types of buildings and convert them to quality affordable rental housing units. IEF enables access to funding for entrepreneurs that have traditionally been overlooked by other funders; and in doing so, drives transformation and inclusive economic growth in the property market.
Where others see high unemployment and limited potential, we see opportunity for growing successful businesses and thriving communities.