1. What does an uMaStandi development look like?

An uMaStandi development includes a minimum of four to twelve rooms, with private or shared toilets and showers. uMaStandi buildings are well designed and built to last, they are legal developmentsĀ  that are complaint with town planning requirements.

2. What sort of loan does uMaStandi offer?

uMaStandi provides a 15 year mortgage loan backed by the value of your existing property. There will be no penalties should you wish to pay off your loan quicker.

3. What makes uMaStandi different from other banks?

uMaStandi considers the loan based on the income produced by your rental property and not based on your personal income. You will still need to have a good credit record to qualify.

4. Do I need a salary to pay off my loan?

We approve your finance based on the feasibility of your new rental building; we aim to ensure that you pay off your loan from your rental income and still make a profit.

5. What if I want to buy another property to build on?

As long as the property is feasible, uMaStandi encourages multiple applications from property entrepreneurs and home owners to help you build a property portfolio.