We are entrepreneurs


Our uMaStandi culture

Our brand uMaStandi creates a healthy, rewarding and fulfilling working environment as we believe in creating sustainable growth and value for all stakeholders.

We understand our clients' sense of urgency and we respond with efficiency.

We find practical and innovative solutions.

We're the experts in our industry - we understand the market, the networks and trends.

We demonstrate a desire to learn, we finish what we start and honour our commitments.

We get out there - we're accessible at street level.

We have good and lasting relationships with our clients.

We are good communicators. We return calls, follow up and have conversations.

We have the difficult conversations and don't take things personally.

We enable our clients with knowledge and information.

We manage our clients' portfolios well.

Are you “uMaStandi”?

 The uMaStandi values form an integral part of the organization and the employment relationship.